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    A new reality for music teaching – from home-based lessons, private instrumental tuition, group lessons, music performance to attending concerts are now conducted online!
    As we are in the lockdown for Coronavirus-19 since 18 March 2020, music teaching/tuition is only available online (refer to Malaysian National Security Council @http://www.mkn.gov.my/covid-19.html for further information). Music teachers are now using tech to facilitate pedagogy which involves making demo videos, using visualiser, recording work and live sessions. Some exam boards such as Rockschool even offers exams to be submitted digitally. These are some of the useful links:

    zoom.us Host an online lesson with your students’.
    meet.google.com host an online lesson through the browser.
    Skype to teleconference with your students
    Microsoft Teams unified communication and collaboration platform
    midnightmusic.com.au Treasure of on advice on technology, specifically for the music teacher.
    http://www.quizlet.com revision materials for your students
    http://www.kahoot.com Online quiz for your students
    http://www.quizizz.com Online Quiz
    http://www.plickers.com whole-class multiple-choice testing
    http://www.soundtrap.com online DAW
    http://www.bandlab.com online DAW
    musescore.org free online score-writing program
    noteflight.com free online score-writing program
    apps.musedlab.org/groovepizza creates drum beats online
    edmodo.com to create virtual ‘band space’.
    http://www.gangqinpu.com Music sheets site in Chinese
    弹吧 tan8.com Chinese Music sheets site

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